French Cheese

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  • Brebirous D'Argental
    A soft French Ewes milk cheese with a washed rind. Very mellow, delicate and creamy. Beautiful velvety orange rind. ..
    Ex Tax: £2.99 £2.99
  • Calvados Camembert
    Fabulous unpasteurised Normandy Camembert, rolled in breadcrumbs and soaked in Calvados apple brandy. A strong, powerful soft cheese. Enjoy on the cheeseboard or baked. ..
    Ex Tax: £7.25 £7.25
  • Fribois Camembert
    The best Camembert we've found anywhere. Full of flavour and deep earthy French country character. Hand made with unpasteurised milk from the heart of Normandy, France. 240 grams ..
    Ex Tax: £3.99 £3.99
  • Le Fumaison le Lavort - smoked Ewes milk cheese
    Le Fumaison le Lavort - smoked Ewes milk cheese. A stunning unpasteurised Ewes milk cheese from the Puy region of Southern France. This rustic fermier (farm produced) cheese is delicately somked over oak, not too much so it retains its wonderful sheeps milk flavour.   ..
    Ex Tax: £3.99 £3.99
  • Morbier AOC
    Morbier AOC. A French classic. Morbier is a large washed rind cheese with a distinctive 'stripe' of ash down the middle. Often the rind is sticky and pungent, but the flavour is generally quite mellow. Very moreish ..
    Ex Tax: £1.99 £1.99
  • St Denis Fermier goats cheese
    A rustic, farmhouse (Fermier) goats cheese. Mild and creamy when young, becoming more intense with age. ..
    Ex Tax: £3.29 £3.29
  • Tomme De Savoie
    A traditional French farmhouse cheese. Made from unpasteurised cowsmilk. Tomme de Savoie has a semi-firm texture and a quite mild flavour, slightly sweet & nutty. On the nose it is earthy and mushroom like. A great versatile cheese that is very popular all over France. Pairs well with Grenache-S..
    Ex Tax: £1.99 £1.99
  • Tomme de Truffe
    Tomme de Truffe A delicate French Tomme loaded with black truffle. The excellent semi- soft cheese carries the indulgent flavour of black summer truffles beautifully, resulting in a truly magnificent cheese. ..
    Ex Tax: £4.09 £4.09
  • Vieux Mimolette
    Vieux (aged) Mimolette. Made along the French / Belgian border. A hard cows milk cheese with a deep sweet flavour. Pairs up with good Port or dark beers.   ..
    Ex Tax: £2.99 £2.99