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  • Apres Soleil Swiss cows milk hard cheese
    Apres Soleil Swiss cows milk hard cheese. A fantastic cheese and a firm favourite with our customers. Think Vieux Comte meets a reserve Gruyere, its somewhere between the two. Lots of rich Alpine flavour from high altitude grazed cows. Subtley crystalline, aged in caves for around 1 year.   ..
    Ex Tax: £2.99 £2.99
  • Creme Chevre.
    Swiss Creme Chevre. Soft goats cheese. Beautiful Apline goats milk  This young cheese (2-3 weeks) from the Emmental region of Switzerland is very mellow and intensely milky when young. As it matures it develops a more pungent goaty characteristic. approx 150 - 200g ..
    Ex Tax: £6.25 £6.25
  • Goats milk Gouda
    Extra mature goatsmilk Gouda. Lovely tasty aged Gouda.   ..
    Ex Tax: £3.29 £3.29
  • Le Cret reserve Gruyere
    Cave aged reserve Gruyere by Le Cret. A great example of this classic Swiss hard cheese made with cows milk.. Packed full of nutty flavour. Such a versatile hard cheese, use it on the cheese board or cook with it. Use in equal parts with cave aged Emmental for the basis of a great fondue. ..
    Ex Tax: £2.79 £2.79
  • Weydeland VSOC Aged Gouda - 1000 day matured
    Weydeland VSOC extra mature Dutch Gouda Lovely hard Gouda. Aged for 1000 days, it is rich, sweet and crumbly with lots of calcium crystals. ..
    Ex Tax: £2.69 £2.69